Meet January’s Expert in the Field, William “Bill” Stuetzle Jr. Bill remembers the exact day he got started at Arnoff in June of 2011. His father knew Richard Arnoff and brought his son in to make an introduction. In no time, Bill got started working in one of our off-site warehouses and has stuck with the Arnoff team ever since.

Before joining the A-Team, Bill was a commercial and residential painter for most of his life. Although he liked what he did , and painted the homes of some local celebrities, the work was inconsistent and he was ready to make a career change.

As Warehouse Supervisor, Bill oversees all operations of the 25,000 sqft warehouse. This is a temperature-controlled building where household goods are held when our customers need short- or long-term storage. Customers could need their items stored for a few days to a few decades.

Bill also manages any warehouse access. This is when our customers need to access their goods that are in storage. Since everything is safely packed away in the vaults, Bill and his team need to retrieve the vault and unpack as needed for the customer. In his 12 years at Arnoff, one of the biggest changes he’s seen is the upgrading inventory management systems. New systems significantly decreased the amount of time spent taking inventory and entering it into the system.

Bill takes great care of the shipments that come in and out of the building, which includes but is not limited to storing and preparing shipments for travel for our nation’s military members. He’s meticulous about the way our crews pack to ensure everything is secure in the vaults and operations are run safely within the warehouse.

When it comes to loading a storage vault, a lot of it is common sense, but it does take experience to gauge how much can fit in a vault. Bill can look at a shipment and know the space needed for those items easily! Every day is a little bit of a challenge and although Bill is based in one location, the coming and goings of shipments and inventory control make every day something different.

When asked what advice he has for others, his words ring true for just about any situation: Keep an open mind and be flexible. Being hard-headed doesn’t get you anywhere.

For over a decade Bill has been a true expert when it comes to our warehouse operations, inventory control, and most importantly keeping care of our customer’s goods.