As a pet owner, you know how important your furry friends are to your family. That’s why it’s important to consider their needs when planning for your move. This makes it easier on both of you by reducing stress and concern.

Arnoff Moving & Storage is New York’s certified relocation company. With 97 years of experience, our team knows the tricks that can help make moving easier. We’ve compiled some of the best tips you can use while moving with a pet.

Tips to Prepare for the Move

Just like you prepare to move your house, you should also prepare to move your pet. Some things you can do before moving include:

  • Hiring a Pet Sitter: Keeping your little ones at home while you move can be dangerous. Residential movers and family members come in and out with heavy boxes resulting in too many ways your pet can get hurt or run off. Hire a local pet sitter or family member to take care of your pet until after your move is complete.
  • Finding a Vet: Don’t arrive at your new place without a plan in place. You should be prepared by contacting a veterinarian near your new home for any emergencies.
  • Researching Regulations: Each country has its own regulations concerning pet care and relocations. Make sure to conduct ample research into restrictions and requirements you need to follow before bringing your pet into a new country.
  • Checking Requirements: Every state has different exotic animal guidelines in place. Double-check that your exotic pet is allowed in the area you’re moving to and make sure they're properly registered.

Tips for Moving Day

It’s time! Here are some tips you can use so that the day of moving runs smoothly:

  • Have Treats Ready: While you’re preoccupied, your pet will be bored on moving day. Make sure to have plenty of treats and toys on hand for entertainment.
  • Pet Supplies: Pack a bag of pet supplies that you can use right away without having to dig through boxes. It’s helpful to keep enough food and water on hand just in case you have difficulty finding them.
  • Organizing Transportation: If you hired long-distance movers, make sure they’re able to transport pets safely. Pet shipping companies specialize in comfortable pet transportation.

Hire a Professional New York Moving Company

Handling the entire move can be exhausting. Hire a team you can trust with Arnoff Moving & Storage. Not only do we deliver your items, but we pack and organize your move too! Call today for more information on our full-service moves. Grab a free quote when you submit our online form.