Shawn Koziel is an expert in the moving and logistics field, having progressed from a helper on a truck to driver, from project manager to Corporate General Manager of Household Goods. Shawn is responsible for overseeing the relocation of families in New York, as well as the planning of long-haul trips for our drivers across the country. Additionally, he is the Safety Coordinator for TSA and Indirect Air Career Management System (IACMS) accounts.

Shawn originally started his career with Arnoff in 1998. Looking for a change of pace, he moved to the west coast and settled in Portland, an area he had visited and loved.

Shawn holds a wealth of experience in the moving and logistics fields and has been part of big projects in the semiconductor industry as well as handling the logistics of large-scale projects like the Serena Williams building at Nike headquarters. This was a sizable development that had its share of complications as the COVID-19 pandemic rocked the world. It was at this point in his career that he took the opportunity to rejoin the A-Team back in New York and relocate his family.

One of his most memorable jobs was when he was tasked with handling a very large, college library job and was brought in to help late in the game. It ended up being a much larger undertaking than planned. He received positive feedback from the customer once all was said and done and Shawn felt good about what he and the team accomplished and proud of his role in it all.

Shawn's advice to others is to always collaborate and celebrate the team around them. He believes that it takes everyone to make the job successful, and that no one should feel like they are in it alone.

Shawn has many years of experience in our industry and has taken his experience to different areas of logistic services. He is part of our management team and emphasizes the importance of working as a team for the success of the whole. That’s what makes him an expert in the field.