As many in the industry know, these warmer months are prime moving times across the U.S. So, what makes May National Moving Month? 

One of the biggest reasons is that is coincides with start of the summer. For families with kids, this makes a great time to relocate so they don’t miss school or transfer in the middle of the semester. This time also includes moves for college students who are relocating after the semester. 

And who can forget the gorgeous weather! In our area of the northeast, May is a great month filled with warm days and sunshine; the perfect condition to spend the day, or days, moving into your new home. 

If you’re one of the many on the move right now – here are six questions we can help answer! 

1. How much does a move cost?

There are many factors to consider for how much a move cost including distance, weight of items, and if you need additional services such as packing. It’s recommended to get multiple quotes to see what your options are and make sure you’re not paying too much (or too little) for your move. A team member from your moving company will come to your house, or work with a video quoting tool to give a fair quote of your move.  

You may run into other costs that are associated with moving so we have a on your upcoming move. 

2. How far in advance should I book a mover? 

In general, we recommend calling four to six weeks out to book a mover. During the busy season, movers do book quickly. To make sure you are scheduled for the move date you need and with a company that you trust, call as soon as possible.

3. What happens if I cannot move into my new home before I move out of my old home? 

Plan for this situation ahead of time. Hopefully you won’t have this problem but be prepared in case. A moving company like Arnoff has a variety of storage solutions. The most common for this situation is to use Vault Storage. We can pack up your items, keep them in temperature-controlled vaults in our warehouses until you’re ready to move into your new home and we can unload. Storage Solutions 

4. What to Expect during the Moving Process? 

There are some things you expect to do during a move. For example, you know you’re going to have to pack boxes, but what else does the moving process entail? It can be a surprisingly difficult question to answer! Moving Process Expectations

5. Where do I even begin with Packing? 

Best thing to do is start early. Pack up winter clothing, seasonal décor, and other items you won’t need anytime soon, first. After living in your home for many years, it may be easy to forget how much stuff you really have. Declutter and donate! Don’t forget, you’ll be charged based on the weight of your items when you move; no need to carry around things you don’t need anymore. Check out more tips we have on how to efficiently pack for a move. 

Download our handy moving day checklist to help you when it comes to the big day. 

If all this feels overwhelming, a moving company like Arnoff can provide full-service packing for your whole home. You don’t have to do it alone! 

6. Are there things I should not pack? 

Yes! You should consider transporting valuable and irreplaceable items in the car rather than on the truck, such as cash, family photos, collections, deeds and wills, jewelry, and moving documents. In addition, there are many items that cannot be put on the truck, such as explosives, compressed gases, flammable liquids and solids, oxidizers, poisons, corrosives, as well as radioactive and other hazardous materials. 

Your move coordinator will be able to help answer these questions and more as you go through the moving process.

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