1. Begin packing up the rooms that you use least often. Pack up guest rooms before your main bedrooms.

2. If you have children, let them get in on the process! They can pack up some of their room and make the boxes their own. This can help make the transition to your new home easier for them.

3. Utilize wardrobe cartons for clothing. Rather than folding and stuffing all your clothing in boxes or suitcases, you can take your clothes, hanger and all, right out of your closet and into a wardrobe boxes. Add shoes to the bottom of the box!

4.  Never pack fine jewelry or similar valuables in the moving truck. These small, precious items are safer kept in your possession during the move. Extra Tip: If you have a safe, remove contains from the safe ahead of the move.

5.  Bedding and linens can be placed in plastic bags that are packed in moving cartons lined with clean paper.

6.  Mattresses go in special mattress bags or cartons!

7.  Glass mirrors can be difficult to move. You can use a special mirror carton, or for larger, more delicate mirrors, work with a mover that provides custom crating to ensure safety of these items.

8.  Curtains can also be hung in a wardrobe carton or placed within standard boxes lined with clean paper.

9.  Wrap area rugs and pack them last so they can be unloaded first and placed under the incoming furniture. Extra tip: have the rugs professionally cleaned before moving. They will come back to you clean and already wrapped up ready for transport.

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