If you're relocating and need to pack up your home office, or even a business space, there are several items to consider how you pack them. The following tips can be useful for other areas of the home, as some of these belongings may be found in other parts of your house.

1. Detach all connecting wires on your electronics and remove paper feeders from printers. Keep all the small pieces and wires together and wrap larger, sensitive items in padding or TV boxes.

Bonus Tip: Take photos of the wire connections on electronic devices to help make setting it back up easier at your new home.

2. Gather books of similar size and place them in small book cartons. Packing heavy items like this in smaller boxes will help avoid making the boxes too heavy.

3. It's simpler to disassemble bigger pieces of furniture to transport them, but smaller ones can just be moved as they are. Anything made of marble or glass, however, may be taken apart and crated to protect the more delicate materials.

4. It is strongly suggested that you keep your sensitive and important documents with you rather than packing them onto a moving truck.

Bonus Tip: Purging your home of items you no longer need is a great way to stay organized. Don't forget to do the same with paperwork to make sure you know where your important documents are.

5. Wrap trophies, frames, and keepsakes in packing paper and place them inside small to medium-sized boxes.

6. Ensure that all boxes and equipment are labeled with the room they will be placed in at the new residence.

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